How many 15mg codeine sulfate tablets would equal 30 mg oxycodone? just need to know how many of the codeine sulfate 15 mg would be about the same as 30 oxycodone?

kate g replied: "two completely different chemical make ups. no relation."

в™Єв™«GРЇAC3в™Єв™« replied: "nothing would be equal, Codeine is completely different from oxycodone. Agree with the other answer before mine."

what are the monthly pill limits for oxycodone 30 mg in pennsylvania? what is the maximum amount of oxycodone 30mg tablets allowed by law in pennsylvania?
Did you ever think that maybe some people actually have a legitimate reason to take oxycodone?
Not everyone who goes to a pain management clinic is a junkie.
If you had half the injuries I have you would most likely blow you brains out and commit suicide.
You have no idea what it is like to be 38 yrs old and suffer from severe cronic pain every minute of every day.
You can’t imagine what it is like, to look in your childrens eyes when they say, "come on daddy, play catch with us" and the pain in your back and legs is so bad that your hands are shaking, and you soaked with sweat.
I couldn’t possibly have 11 disc herniations, 5 degenerating discs, narrowing of the spine, and stenosis of the spine, severe arthritis in both knees, hip and knee joint degeneration……………….

People like you, who think that everyone who takes pain medication is a drug addict, "Make me Sick to my stomach"!
Your a piece of garbage and I hope you burn in hell!
By the way, I’m moving to PA
I hate people who think they know everything.
These are the people on here who don’t actually answer the question, they make some smart ass comment, or post some type of criticism.
The truth is, these people are idiots who don’t know the answer to your question, so in an attempt to feel important they just cut people down.

Like the guy who said I need rehab because I take pain medication.
This MORON assumed I am doctor shopping because I asked what the pill limits are in PA.
If I lived in PA and I went to a pain management clinic, I would know what the pill limits are.
If I live in another state I couldn’t go to a clinic in PA, because if i’m correct you have to be a resident of that state to fill a script from there.
No pharmacy would fill a script for oxycodone when the person’s ID is from another state.
So how would I be doctor Shopping????

dergani replied: "Doctor Shopping are we? There are many rehab programs available, you should check one out"

Has anyone bought oxycodone using on online pharmacy? I was wondering if anyone has had a good experience purchasing perscription pain medication using an online pharmacy. I want to get 5-10 tablets of 30 mg oxycodone (NOT Oxycontin). This is for my wife’s cervical cancer pain and I would want to get these every month or so. Thanks for any help you might be able to give.
Have a great day,

0> daddyrx replied: "Do it legally and get a prescription. Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription is a felony."

why is morphine a standard in cancer pain management? a very close family member of mine was diagnosed with neck cancer about 2 years ago, it always makes his voice sound like he has strep throat, anyway he gets alot of morphine in both liquid and pill form. ive had his morphine for my own pain and 2 30 mg tablets barely helped, my other relative gave me oxycodone and 1 pill worked 50 times better than 2 pills of morphine, so i wonder my my relative with cancer doesnt use oxy instead.

Leo replied: "What works for you does not necessarily work for others. Remember, everybody’s different."

norton g replied: "Fred D – Oxycodone (Oxycontin) is made from morphine though it is always combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol) which is supposed to make the oxycontin more effective. Whether morphine or oxycontin works depends greatly on the size of the dose. You cannot simple compare them by the mg weight, but need to know what is called "equivalents." There is no great pain that cannot be controlled by an adequate, large dose of morphine. Some doctors hesitate to use high doses because of the real possibility of making a patient dependent on, if not addicted to, morphine. More important than worrying about addiction is providing pain relief to the patient, no matter how much morphine is taken, making sure that an overdose does not stop the patient’s breathing."

Peter M replied: "Good answer from Norton except for the analysis of Oxycontin. I think he may have been thinking about hydrocodone when he mentioned the Tylenol. I take oxycontin for pain management precisely because it does not contain tylenol. I don’t like the idea of what tylenol does to the liver when taken in high doses over an extended period of time. I have had morphine also while in the hospital for so-called break-through pain that got by the oxycontin. The morphine is fast acting but short duration while the oxycontin needs to be a constant dosage in the blood to be most effective. The morphine I received in the hospital provided very little relief for my chronic pain but I don’t know what dosages they were using. I am sure they could have ramped it up if necessary and I have known cancer patients that got considerable relief from it."

Panda replied: "My son was allergic to morphine and unable to use it for pain relief . . oxycodone was ineffective for his pain and he couldn’t use enough oxycontin for relief .. he tried the fentanyl patch but that too did not give enough relief so finally he was placed on a 24 hour IV fentanyl pump where he could control his own dosages by pressing a button ( he carried it in a fanny pack)."

BSherman replied: "You should not be taking narcotics that are not prescribed or appropriate for you. It is dangerous and against the law. That’s how Elvis died and maybe how Micheal Jackson died."

Toby A replied: "Also, norton, oxycodone is not made from morphine. They are structurally similar, but oxycodone is derived from the opiate thebaine, whereas morphine is in itself a naturally-occurring opiate."

C C replied: "I’ve given morphine as the main drug for over 10 years to most hospice patients and found it to be the easiest to adjust & use in combination with other drugs.We normally gave long acting drugs like morphine LA (long acting), MS (morphine) Contin (continuous), Duragesic (fentanyl) patches,& Oxy Contin (oxycodone).For break through pain not handled by these we gave regular morphine,fentanyl (rarely), and oxycodone. With patients not on high doses or not in severe pain we gave vicodin & percocet if needed. We almost never gave demerol or dilaudid unless there was an allergy involved to the others.There is another primary reason morphine is used…it can be given by injection when someone too ill cannot swallow a pill of oxycodone, which only comes by mouth.That is why it’s a "standard". (Do I also have to tell you how foolish it is to take drugs not ordered for you, too?)"